IN DEPTH: Kevin Brooks

Without a doubt on the rise to becoming a house hold name Kevin Brooks is carving his legacy in the local film industry of Memphis at a young age! Recently coming from a successful win at Memphis Film Prize along with Abbey Meyers the mighty Memphian is catching the attention of all who have the eyes to see! We got the chance to sit down at crosstown concourse as we discuss more about his creative process and what he has to offer with his directorial vision!

MM: Who is Kevin Brooks?

KB: I'm a 26 year old filmmaker from Memphis TN. My main goal with my work is just to create films that causes us to be aware of things that are going on around us while also causing us to be more conscious of the things that take place within us as human beings. I think all of us are on this journey to really grasp and understand everything that's going on around us on this planet, and I feel that it's the responsibility of the filmmaker to visualize those anxieties, depressions, and hopes that we all have and place that upon the screen so that at the end of the day we realize we really are all one.

MM: What are some other mediums that you’re involved in that others might not know about?

KB: Some other mediums that I'm involved in that people may not know of is that I'm very intrigued and interested in music. I've composed music for some of my own projects and I still like to compose in my free time for things that may fit within future projects. I'm also really involved in film photography as a hobby. I think photography helps out a lot when it comes to my work in making films.

MM: What about film peeked your interest?

KB: The thing about film that piqued my interest is just how much of an influence film has in people's lives and just the community aspect of how it can really bring all types of people together to collectively feel emotions towards what they are watching. MM: Tell us more about the role of the director and being able to constantly lead and manage a team to get a project done.

KB: The role of a director in my opinion is someone who has leader characteristics but also is someone who is willing to collaborate with people and also hear out their vision. I think to be a great director the key is to fully get rid of the EGO and become fully present in the fact that the main goal is just to create a film that can reach out and touch people and change their lives ultimately.

When it comes to managing a team, I feel the main thing is just having a clear cut vision and being able to listen to others. Once again, it's getting rid of the EGO and being able to just express clearly the vision and being willing to collaborate and take in notes.

MM: How has Memphis influenced your career?

KB: Memphis has influenced my career because this place is full of stories. Memphis is a place that has so much flavor and it just seeps through everything and you just feel it everywhere you go. Memphis is also the city of grit and grind and those two things are heavily influenced when it comes to art. Every project that I've worked on has been all about the hustle and because I'm from Memphis I don't shy away from it.

MM: What are some tips that you would give young artist about being successful in heir industry?

KB: The tips that I would give a young artist about being successful in this industry is to just STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! I think people who want to work in this industry should always be reading books on film, books on writing, books on editing, just anything that they can find that can increase their film toolkit. Filming is like any other job, and to be successful at it you have to put in the time. I think another tip would be DON"T BE AFRAID OF FAILURE. I think a lot of people are afraid to fail but the way I look at it is that life is short, and because life is short and no day is promised, I'm not gonna deny my self any opportunity just because of this idea of failure which I don't even think exist. I think everything is a learning experience and I feel like looking at every situation in that regard would just be a better mindset to keep moving forward in this industry. Another tip is the obvious which is NEVER STOP WORKING. I think if you love something so much you're gonna do all you can to be great at it no matter what. The more you work the better you can get is how I see it.

MM: What’s next for Kevin brooks?

KB: The next thing for me is just staying busy and putting out content in 2020. I have some things I want to accomplish this year and it's gonna be a non stop hustle this year to get those things done.


Memphis, TN, USA

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